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Featured Listings

To add featured listings just go to admin panel-> Business Listings -> Approved Businesses and click mkFeat button on any listing that you want to add as a featured listing.

All these details are in the PDF file you receive with the installation files.

Regarding URL’s

We have make this URL’s to be SEO friendly as possible. Here is how.

Having a ID in the url

1.) When you have a ID, it wont give you 404 error page even if the titles are edited.
2.) If you want a URL without an ID, you must create a URL at the posting time and save it in your database. So if you have thousands of posts, you will have a very heavy database.
3.) All the big players do it the way we do it. See the examples below

StackOverflow –

Yahoo –

DamnLoL –

Facebook, yahoo answers and i can go on forever if i going to list all.

Now lets go to URL’s with extensions such as .html

Check below video to see what Matt Cutts from google say about URL’s with extensions so you will understand what kind of benefits you will have by having URL with extensions.

Being said that if you still want we can change the URL stretcher for you but as a custom modification. You can use our contact form to discus further. Please make sure to send your payment email address once your contacting us for us to validate your customer membership.

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