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no i had not but since this post i have and i must extend my sicere apologies for any rude comments and my impatience because despite my obnoxious demanding tone your communications in response have been very respectful proffessional and explanitory which makes it really hard to not feel like a jerk. i understand things go wrong and facebook is always updatting and with all your scripts it takes time to fix everything. To be totally honest i think your work is amazing these scripts are clean fast responsive modern they look damn impressive on mobile and for 50 bucks man you just dont see that kinda value anymore im sincerely sorry i just have gotten ripped off so many times thats not your fault though and i really appreciate your patience thank you and thank you for the awesome products you provide youre only human and can only do so much at a time happy holidays and please accept my apologies you have earned my full respect and will get that in full in any future communications. and i hubly excuse myself in that very fashion