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    I wasn’t sure where to write this review, nor have I seen any reviews for flippyscripts so I decided to give my opinion for people who are on the fence whether to purchase a product here. I almost never write reviews for anything in my life, but I felt compelled to write this.
    This is my short review for flippy scripts because I feel they deserve it. I don’t work with the company and they didn’t offer me any incentive to write this. My experience is several years making wordpress websites (about a dozen total). The problem with wordpress is there are way too many themes to choose from that all operate differently. Finding help means sorting through each theme. I found using popular wordpress themes gave me more support when customizing. You have to sort through many addons that bog down your website if they don’t interfere with each other. Then you have to constantly update the addons. Flippyscripts on the other hand gives you customized themes immediately. If you see a script on here that looks like the website you want to make, I highly recommend buying it. I’m using the Affiliate Platform V3.

    Overall Rating – 9.5/10

    The power of these scripts is how fast you can get a specific website up and running that you won’t be able to find or make without investing a lot of time or money. The ease of use and simplicity is amazing for noob and veteran alike. You can make whatever type of site you want super turbo fast – no joke. You can actually make a reliable and solid long term business. The customer support is surprisingly great. The themes are updated too. For the price, the value goes a long way. Customization is the tricky part, but there are solutions.

    The installation is super fast if you read the instructions. For complete noobs it may take an hour or two. After you get the script working on your site you can get started immediately.

    Works out of Box
    Flippy scripts give you access to specific website formats that take weeks or months to make in wordpress or would cost a ton of money from a freelance website designer. Some of the themes aren’t even possible to make in wordpress. They work write out of the box meaning you can start adding a significant amount of content immediately in a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) fashion. The admin panels are really intuitive. You literally can make a comprehensive and professional looking website in 1 day with no learning curve. They include all the basic necessities for whatever kind of website your looking to make.

    I was really scared to make a serious long term website off of these scripts because I feared I’d be stuck with no support. What would I do if my websites code broke down? I was scared I wouldn’t be able to change my site around and I’d mess something up.
    The flippyscripts staff is prompt and will work with you until you fix any problems you have. They will help you with any general customization immediately. Just email them.

    The biggest problem is significantly customizing your theme past what its designed for.
    There are no easy mode addons like wordpress. WordPress addons do have a lot of flaws though (like compatibility, slowing your site down and errors) With that being said, there isn’t much of a need to add more because the scripts fulfill the website types purpose perfectly. Customization can be done though.

    Solution to Customizing
    First of all – Changing minor things is simple to do and easy to find in the code. If you have some experience coding then you can add a lot because it’s all opensource.
    Second – If you want to add different types of pages to your site, you can add subdomains and install wordpress or another type of script in your subdomain and you’ll be able to get whatever you’re looking for immediately. (if your site is you can make your subdomain and install another script or wordpress there.
    Third – I’ve gotten great support from them (specifically Max). He will give you all the help you need to change your theme around. I’ve made a half dozen edits with his help.
    Fourth – They update the themes regularly and will listen to your advice. They work everyday so the theme updates will include what you’re looking for.



    Agree with Growin.
    Very impressed with the Flippy scripts and support.
    I launched 4 websites right out of the gate. More in the works. Installation is fast & easy.
    I’ve been a web developer for 18 years so I a have been able to customize the look and feel with relative ease.
    With one website that I’ve had since 2000, I was able to customize the ShoutIt script to keep my existing content pages/urls exactly as they are (which have years of great SEO traffic) while fitting it right into the new script. Works flawlessly. Visitors/members are happier too which is most important + it’s mobile friendly.
    Support is fast and super helpful.
    I am happy and comfortable with my decision to choose FlippyScripts.
    Looking back, it was a no-brainer really.

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