Start your own script business with Flippy products

Would you like to start your own PHP script business? If so we have the perfect solution for you. We are giving away limited number of resell rights for all out scripts with following conditions.

With this resell rights license you can:

  • You CAN sell these product for a suggested minimum price of $15.00
  • You CAN add these products to a paid membership or training sites that charges $15 or more monthly.
  • You CAN use your own branding.

With this resell rights license you cannot:

  • You CANNOT give resell rights for others (This is not master or exclusive resell rights).
  • You CANNOT give it away for FREE (Except to affiliates).
  • You CANNOT include this product on a FREE membership site for FREE.
  • You CANNOT sell these products less than $15.
  • You CANNOT transfer this license (This license is Non – transferable).

Price: Price will be 10x of normal selling price. For example: Flippy DamnFacts normal price is $35 and resell price will be $350. If you’re buying resell rights for more than 3 of our scripts we will give you the products for 5x of normal price. Please note that resell rights license are not instant download. After you send the payment please send us a mail with your first name, last name and your address, we will make a custom license agreement and send you the product(s) and agreement within 24 hours.

You can sell these scripts anywhere you like. Some examples: your own website, Clickbank, Warrior forum, eBay, CodeGrape etc. You will receive 12 months of bug fixes and upgrades.

Payment methods: PayPal, Skrill, Payoneer. Please contact us for payment account details.

Please note we will be giving resell rights to only limited number of copies.

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